Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hot Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Trend: Boots, Booties, & Shooties

Hot Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Trend: Boots, Booties, & Shooties - AC from Yahoo!

One of the most versatile accessories of any fashionista's wardrobe is undoubtedly a pair of boots. Boots can worn for just about any occasion with a multitude of different style outfits. Having a couple pairs of boots in your wardrobe can give you so many more options than just your ordinary shoe choices.

Some of the hottest boot trends for fall and winter this year include; over-the-knee boots, mid-boots, booties, and of-course shooties. With that said, not all of these styles are going be perfect for every woman, but because there are so many new boots out this season, finding one you like shouldn't be very difficult. Take a look at some of the most popular boot-styles on the market today.

Pick one you really love, and rock them like a star!

To see the hottest styles of the season, click here.

--PS Beauty Queen XOXO

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