Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finally! Something for the Fellas

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At last, there is a fabulous skincare line just for men-

Hey Dude Skin Care, is a fantastic line of products are specially formulated for men with any skin type. From cleansers to moisturizers, the Hey Dude line is a must-have for every man.

Hey Dude Skin Care products contain only natural, organic, and thoroughly tested ingredients to create these fabulous high-quality products, and they are never tested on animals.

Cleanse: For the Slacker Dude

Clean Skin: A gentle but powerful cleansing gel, enriched with a variety of natural ingredients like olive oil castile that cleanse and refine the skin’s texture. Clean Skin also eliminates impurities, leaving the skin feeling fresh and energized. Clean skin is ideal for preparing the skin for shaving. Price: $ $9.50 (4 oz.)

Dude Wash: A thorough face cleanser containing 10% glycolic acid, a quality ingredient that improves the skin’s tone and texture. Dude Wash visibly lifts dirt, oil and dead skin cells to reveal smoother, healthier and brighter looking skin. With daily use, it helps to reduce age spots, acne breakouts, excess oil and fine lines. Price: $ $16.50 (4 oz.)

Shave: For the Not-So-Smooth Dude

Nary Hairy: A product with scientifically proven ingredients to decrease hair length and density that offers the finishing touch for a complete shaving experience. Studies have shown that Nary Hairy can decrease hair length, reduce hair density, and slow facial hair growth. What better way to combat tough beard than a product that inhibits hair growth all day, while simultaneously moisturizing and protecting the skin underlying that beard? Nary Hairy is the perfect way to have a Five O’clock shadow show up late! Price: $ $32.50 (4 oz. cream)

Aftershave: A post-shave liquid containing seaweed extracts that combine with the proteins of the outer layer of the skin and the hair to form protective moisturizing complexes. Efficient hydration enhances the skin’s natural ability to repair itself. Seaweed extracts decrease the irritation caused by shaving and depilation. Aftershave calms and moisturizes, as well as reduces skin redness and razor burn. Price: $ 13.50 (4 oz.)

Anti-Aging: For the Forever Young Dude

4 Your Eyes Only: A unique eye cream that boasts a powerful combination of active ingredients designed to both moisturize and repair/protect the sensitive skin around the eyes. The eye area lacks the natural oils that appear elsewhere on the face. With continued use, 4 Your Eyes Only reduces dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, all while strengthening capillary walls. Price: $ 29 (.5 oz.)

Young Dude 4 Ever: A premium, clear moisturizing gel containing 100% pure hyaluronic acid, one of the best humectant agents for the skin. Hyaluronic acid has the capacity to retain 1,000 times its weight in water, with the ability to draw moisture directly from the air into the skin. Users benefit from greater smoothness and softening of the face, as well as prevention of early wrinkles. Pure hyaluronic acid provides the skin with unsurpassed hydration and protection. This superb moisturizer is ideal for all skin types. Price: $ $46.50 (2 oz.)

Moisturize: A premium, clear nutrient-rich and oil-free gel boasting quality ingredients including seaweed extracts and hyaluronic acid. Seaweed extracts promote the skin’s hydration, as well as improve its texture with anti-inflammatory capabilities. Hyaluronic acid is an outstanding moisturizing ingredient that draws moisture directly from the air. With daily use, this product stimulates new cell growth, while promoting a natural protective barrier on the face. Price: $ $27.00 (2 oz)

Protect: For the Rugged Dude

Pale Face with SPF 29: The solution to the harmful effects of the sun’s UVB/UVA rays. Used daily, Pale Face is an advanced, lightweight SPF 29 sun block spray containing ingredients including titanium dioxide. As part of the daily skin care regimen from Hey Dude Skin Care, Pale Face is a non-greasy formula that absorbs quickly to provide outstanding protection from the long term aging effects of the sun. Price: $ $13.50 (2 oz.)

Perfect Mineral Bronzing Brush: A carefully crafted product to make skin appear even and smooth, helping to conceal imperfections, while also providing a shine-resistant barrier that lasts for hours. Premium ingredients offer further protection from environmental factors including UVA rays and wind. Price: $28 (1/6 oz)

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