Friday, December 10, 2010

Hot Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Trend: Corduroy

Hot Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Trend: Corduroy

That's Right. Corduroy is back!

The corduroy pieces we dreaded wearing as a kid are now a big hit in the fashion world. This fall and winter you will see it all; skinny jean style cords, corduroy cargo pants, boot cut cords, and even stretchy corduroy leggings. And don't forget about the awesome corduroy dresses and classic corduroy blazers.

This season you will see some of these corded fashions making a huge come back like the dress and blazer, and some that are just making their debut, like the corduroy skinny jean and the cord leggings. Tan, beige, and sage are classic colors, but this year try something different.

Look for these fashions in black and bold colors; like red, blue, green, purple, and gold. Most importantly, find something corduroy that you really love and make a style that is all your own.

Check out some of the hottest pieces for winter 2010-2011

--PS Beauty Queen XOXO

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