Thursday, December 16, 2010

Inside the Closet of Ally Hilfiger on

Ally, or Alexandria as she is sometimes called, is not just daughter of famed designer Tommy Hilfiger, she is a free spirited talent that truly enjoys life, her surroundings, and her exhilarating sense of fashion.

In this interview with, you can see that Ally is not afraid to show who she really is or what inspires her creativity. Her uniqueness and originality makes her a true inspiration.

One of my favorite things about Ally is the fact that she wants to be known for who she is, rather than the talents of her father—I think that is so important this day and age. You can tell that Ally knows where she came from, but definitely wants to live her own life too. She was quoted as saying:

"I wanted to be Alexandria; I didn't want to be my father's daughter. I love him... The stereotypes that are placed on you when you have a certain family or background are so harsh and most of the time untrue. I try to stay away from that." Alexandria Hilfiger

 So it is absolutely an honor for us to have the opportunity to peek inside her closet. You can see what inspires Alexandria Hilfiger's personal style in an exclusive interview that consists of photos, video and a short editorial at

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