Friday, December 10, 2010

Spratter's & Jayne: Hot New Accessories for Fall & Winter 2010-2011

Spratter's & Jayne: Hot New Accessories for Fall & Winter

Encompassing the latest knit fashion trend, this fabulous collection from Spratter's & Jayne, is definitely one of the hottest accessory collections this season. Featuring some of the most unique knit styles around, these adorable super trendy pieces can make your fall and winter wardrobe sparkle. You will be warm and comfy, and look great too!

The beautiful line of fall and winter accessories by Spratter's & Jayne, are handmade by a women's co-op of crocheters outside of Lima and Peru. These beautiful works of art are made from Spratter's & Jayne's signature ultra-soft, high-grade, Merino/highland wool. So they are soft and luxurious in addition to their amazing styles.

This fall and winter, Spratter's & Jayne has introduced three new styles in addition to their very popular 2-button cowl scarf. The three new pieces include the Kerchief Bib, the Chain Cowl, and the Infinity Chain Scarf. These beautiful hand-crocheted scarves are available in black, charcoal, lapis blue, and a pretty muted lavender.

For more information on the collection, click here.

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