Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Anevolve with Cynectin: The Answer to Your Frizzy Hair Prayers

Before & After Anevolve Treatment & Products

This remarkable new hair repairing system, called Anevolve, uses a blend of proteins and amino acids to magically repair hair with each use. By adding this blend, known as Cynectin to your routine, hair is infused with a patented protein combination that is 90% identical to your hair, leaving hair revitalized from root to tip. It's the hip new hair treatment that's got everyone talking.

The Anevolve "process"

The actual process is quite simple and completely "tear-free." If you have ever had a Brazilian treatment, than you know what I am talking about. Plan on spending about 90 minutes at the salon (a little longer if you plan on getting your hair styled afterwards.) Your stylist will start with a consultation to understand your desired results and then choose the best Anevolve formulation for your hair; Control One, Control Two, and Control Zero (which is completely formaldehyde-free).

See my the complete review and more actual before & after photos HERE.

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