Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Joss Stone: Making a Statement in Music & Fashion

Singer Joss Stone stopped by the Craig Ferguson show Tuesday to promote her new album. And may I just say she was looking gorgeous as ever. Over the last year and a half she has been working on the album with some of the best in music including Mick Jagger, The Eurythmics' Dave Stewart and Damien Marley.
Joss accessorized her gorgeous flowing buttercream dress with Royal Asscher Diamonds and Judy Klimek jewelry. She wore a rare gold floating diamond necklace paired with a rose gold double band ring from Royal Asscher's Stars Of Africa line.

The Stars of Africa line has donated over $50,000 to the Diamond Empowerment Fund supporting those in Africa's diamond producing areas through education and health care.

The earrings Joss wore on the show were inspired by the catastrophe in New Orleans and were created by Judy Klimek after seeing the devastation that occurred there.

Both designers have incredible accessories that support very important causes, which we love here at the PS Beauty Blog.  

And a big Thank you to Joss for supporting such an amazing cause!
YOU looked Stunning!


Royal Asscher was established in 1854 in the Netherlands and has had a very influential presence in the diamond industry. The company cut the worlds largest diamond to date (3105 carots) and has also been awarded the title "Royal" two times from Queen Juliana of the Netherlands for being the top in the industry. Royal Asscher has provided jewelry to Royals for over a century now including Queen Elizabeth II and the Late Princess Diana.

Recently a more contemporary collection with a charitable tie-in was created called ‘Stars of Africa’. The collection represents one of the greatest innovations in the jewelry industry- floating diamonds! Diamonds which are encased in a fluid filled dome move around freely which creates an effect that is utterly mesmerizing. Royal Asscher’s beautiful modern twist on traditional diamond design is helping rebuild Africa, which makes each piece have an underlying beauty as well. Royal Asscher refuses to work with conflict diamonds that originate from war torn countries that are unethically sourced and sold to fund warfare and civil destruction. Royal Asscher only sources diamonds from nations that are fully compliant with the Kimberly Process, an international diamond industry initiative to stop the flow of conflict diamonds.


Jewelry designer and visionary, Judy Klimek, has created an art form of her high-end gemstone necklaces and earring designs. Out of Laguna Beach, CA, inspirations range from old Hollywood glamour and sophistication to fun and flirty, with a touch of ethnic influence along the way and prices run from $3,000-$80,000. Left Turn’s beautifully hand-crafted gemstone pieces are being worn on red carpets across the globe and has more recently shared the runway with Oscar De La Renta.

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  1. What a lovely artist and cause! She looks so happy in this picture laughing! I hope your week is going lovely, stopping by and please check out another fab blog: If the Shoe Doesn't Fit,


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