Friday, September 16, 2011

Rent Alicia Silverstone’s dress? Anyone…

Photo: Zimbio
Alicia Silverstone was looking mighty fab in her shimmery “Sparkle in My Eye” dress from Proenza Schouler on Wednesday at the Toronto Film Festival. The photo to the left is a shot of her as she graced the red carpet for the premiere of her new film “Butter.” Co-Stars Ashley Greene, Jennifer Garner and Olivia Wilde were also in attendance looking fab but I absolutely loved Alicia’s dress. I think it fits her personality really well. And it’s the perfect dress for a red carpet event or special occasion. It would be cute at a holiday party too! So, of course I had to track it down...

The dress retails for $1,825 from Proenza Schouler but I found a really fab place where you can actually rent this dress for only $250. Yes, I said rent. You can wear it for a fabulous evening out and return it when you are done. How cool is that? It is a perfect idea for the fashionistas that never like to wear the same thing twice. Or for those who get a certain anxiety buying a $2,000 dress.

The site is called They have a huge selection of dresses and accessories from over 95 different designers. You can rent fab apparel for a black tie gala, wedding, date, holiday or a special night on the town.

What makes this site so cool is that they can ship overnight and you can keep your dress for 4 or 8 nights which works out great if you are going on vacation, honeymoon, etc. You can also pick a back up size just in case that comes with your rental for free. And you can order a second style if you need for only $25 with its own back up size. Which is totally awesome if you have more than one event over a weekend or if you want to do a fab dress change during the event.

According to the site, when you are done with the dress, you simply mail back in their prepaid envelope and leave the dry cleaning charges to them. They use an eco-friendly luxury drycleaner to ensure each piece is properly cleaned. And the second a dress looks worn, they retire it from their collection. So you don’t ever have to worry about getting a piece that doesn’t look brand new. And no one will ever know your secret.

Worried about damaging the item? Now worries with They offer insurance for just $5. So if you spill some wine, stick a zipper or lose a stone on an accessory, you are totally covered. Another Yay!

I can’t wait to try the site out. I am not one to “rent” my clothes, in fact I am extremely picky about my clothes, but I have to try this at least once. It really seems like this could be a fab service and from the sounds of it, they really have every angle covered.

So…I have already joined and have started picking out my dress for a huge fashion event at the end of this month. I will post some photos from my fab night out in my rented dress for you all. In the meantime if you have a few, stop by and check out the site, then come and tell what you think in the comments section. Would you rent a dress? Why or why not?


  1. Sure I would rent a dress...
    I couldn't even think of buying a dress that cost $1,825.. I would be scared to wear it!
    To be able to rent that same dress would be awesome! & being able to get insurance - icing on the cake.. I could enjoy the evening eat, drink, dance with no worries at all, in my beautiful new dress(that only I would know was rented) :) Cool Ideal!

  2. I'm a little late but I'm here. I'm your new follower!

    That dress is nice. Seems calm. I like red myself :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. P.s Also following on Network blogs :)

  4. um - this is one of the best ideas EVER! thanks for sharing the info!


  5. As a non-fashionista, I'll depend on your posts to keep me informed :)

    Following back from Mom's Best Nest. Thanks for following!


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