Sunday, October 30, 2011

Must-Have Alert: Tip Top Shoe Saver Review

These are so cool! So you guys all know how much I love my shoes... *bats eyes*
And I'm kind of embarrassed to admit it lol but I totally love shoe gadgets. I will try anything and everything to keep my shoes looking great. I have a major shoe weakness and I want them to last as long as possible. I have inflatable gadgets to keep my boots upright. I have hangers especially made for long boots. You name it, shoe-gadget-wise I probably have it. And my newest addition to the collection? The Tip Top Shoe Saver, just for pointy-toe shoes. Loves it!

The Tip Top Shoe Saver is a super-cool new gadget to help you get a little more life out of your pointy-toe shoes. It's a really simple plastic gadget that is inserted in the tip of your shoe. It has adjustable breakaways so you can customize it to fit your shoes and it can actually be used while you are wearing the shoe without any discomfort. It basically fills the void space at the tip of your shoe to reduce stretching and creasing at the toe, keeping your shoe looking newer longer.

I ♥ the Tip Top Shoe Saver

I received a pair of Tip Top Shoe Savers for review and I love them. It's such a cool idea. I like how you can keep the Tip Top Shoe Saver in the shoes while you are wearing them and you can hardly feel them there. I also think its so fab that you can customize them to fit your shoe without too much work. It's so quick and easy. These will even help repair shoes that have already been worn and show signs of stretching. It's a great investment if you love your shoes as much as I do.   

Buy Them

The Tip Top Shoe Saver makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for the holidays. Any shoe-lover will totally love receiving these as a gift. Plus, they come in a darling little box that resembles a shoe box, complete with dust bags and tissue paper. It is too cute! The Tip Top Shoe Saver is available for $14.99 and can be purchased at

See them in action...

Disclosure: I was not paid to post this review. All opinions are my own.
I did receive the product mentioned above to facilitate my review.

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