Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Absolutely Fabulous BCA Photo Shoot

I'm sure you all have noticed I’ve been featuring a LOT of fabulous Breast Cancer Awareness products on the PS Beauty Blog this month. Breast Cancer Awareness is something that I am honored to promote in every way possible. It is something I feel is important for every person to be aware of. Not just every woman, but every man too.

In addition to posting on my blog and the other publications that I write for, I have also attended numerous breast cancer fundraisers throughout Southern California in hopes of making a difference (photos coming soon). I have donned the pretty pink apparel and accessories that were sent to me from my fabulous sponsors and was fortunate enough to have a photo shoot sponsored in honor of BCA. It has truly been an amazing month for me!

Thank you so much to all of my sponsors for sending these items and allowing me the opportunity to shoot with these amazing products! I would also like to say thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting breast cancer awareness and donating to the wonderful BCA charities that make a difference. And of course a big thank you to my awesome photographer and shoot staff. You are all FAB!

Please stop by and check out My amazing sponsors:

Tee Shirt, Guitar Pin, & Tote Bag:
 Hard Rock International –PINKTOBER Merchandise

Black Denim Jeggings from GAIAM Apparel - Accessories

Chanelle in Black from

Pink Topaz 'Honor' Earrings from Charme Silkiner

BCA Slapper watch from TKO Orlogi Watches

'Peony' Bracelet from Dalla Nonna

'Carpe Diem' Bracelet from Efva Attling

'The Butterfly Project Bracelets' from Adesso

Baked Mineral Foundation, Saffron Concealer & 'Peacock' Eye Shimmer from 
Painted Earth - Cosmetics from Nature

Thanks again to all of my sponsors and staff!

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