Monday, November 28, 2011

Lash Card Disposable Mascara Guards | Giveaway Winners

Yay! We've got winners...

Congratulations to Pauline, Amanda, Sarah & Brittany! 

You won a package of Lash Card Disposable Mascara Guards!

About the Products

Lash Card Disposable Mascara Guard’s are a fabulous new tool for mascara-wearers. Made simply from sheets of paper, these individually wrapped mascara guards have the perfect curves built right in so they fit perfectly behind the lashes. They are ideal for use when; separating lashes while applying mascara, reaching hard-to-get eyelashes or bottom lashes, layering mascara and they work really well when using your mascara to maximize curl.

Lash Cards really allow you to cover every lash without making a disaster of your makeup. You simply remove the Lash Card from the wrapper. Gently lift your lashes onto the Lash Card using a light pressure. Then just apply your mascara as you normally would. It’s that easy.

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