Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Expert winter waxing tips to stay groomed all winter long!

Just because we’re not hitting the beach in our itty-bitty bikinis doesn’t mean we should neglect our skin. Cold, winter weather does a number on sensitive skin areas, so hair removal expert and owner of Stript Wax Bar, Katherine Goldman has come to your skin’s rescue with her top winter waxing tips to keep groomed and gorgeous all winter.

Here are some of Katherine’s fool-proof winter waxing tips:

1.Skin can be extra dry in the winter so make sure to exfoliate daily. You can use a gentle scrub or exfoliating gloves which can be combined with body wash for a two for one treatment!

2.Moisturize skin daily but skip the lotion right before a wax. Make sure to moisturize your skin in winter to combat dryness but applying body lotion right before a wax can prevent it from being as effective. You can always apply after the wax!

3.Use an antibacterial body wash for areas that wax. The skin has bacteria in it which can lead to red bumps after waxing. Make sure to prevent this by using a body wash that has an antibacterial agent such as Tea Tree in it.

4.Be consistent. Make sure to keep waxing on a regular schedule even in Winter. It’s easy when you’re not showing off your skin as much to forgo waxing but consistent waxing actually slows down the hair growth. You don’t get the benefit if you only do it once in a while.

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