Monday, January 2, 2012

NEW Writer/Review Opportunities for New Year!

It's hard to believe the New Year is already here! I'm super-excited to welcome in 2012 and look forward to sharing more exciting opportunities and experiences with all of you this year.

In addition to being the Editor-in-Chief for the PS Beauty Blog, I also write for several other online and print publications. From time to time, these publications need additional writers, reviewers, bloggers and photographers to create content for their sites. When they do, I post their info on my Blogger/Writer Opps page for all of you. I personally write for and have made money from all of these publications so yes, they are legit opportunities that I'm excited to pass along to you. You can click the images/logos to apply for these opps (it's pretty easy).

Feel free to contact me with any questions at and please let them know that I (Tiffany Booth) sent you. 

Good Luck & Happy New Year! :D

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  1. Oh this for real? The reason why I ask, when I saw this post the 2nd...I thought...why not...I have been told by friends, family and professors that I have a unique writing style...that I should try my hand at it and see if it goes somewhere. I went to the website, filled out the application...and thought...well that was a wasted hour...I will never hear from them...and then dismissed it.

    Guess I received this email that began, "Congratulations on becoming an Examiner!" with a Title, City, and instructions??

    Your title: Springfield Organic Beauty Examiner
    Your edition: Springfield
    Your channel: Spa & Beauty

    Now that is not the what...not like...when a woman becomes pregnant...and some idiot says...How did that happen! :) More this for real? Is the Examiner asking me to join and write a post?

    Before I "click" on the link and "get started" can you give me a shout and give me a hint or clue as to what is expected of me?

    Thank You Bunches in Advance,

    Totally Freaked Out in Missouri...:)



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