Thursday, July 5, 2012

Scrumptious-Smelling Skincare Products to try this summer!

Super soft and sweetly flavored gloss with the perfect amount of
silky shine. Available in Strawberries and Cream.Cleansing, refreshing and silky smooth flavoured bathing gelDeep exfoliating, white sugar body scrub infused with coconut oil,
shea & cocoa butters, white sugar and vitamin rich whole milk to replenish
& hydrate skin.Body scrub made from natural dead sea products, contains aromatic
fragrances.Bath salts made from natural dead sea products, contains aromatic
fragrances.Ultra-rich with shea butter, botanical extracts, natural oils &
moisturizing emollients to tone, renew & provide nourishing moisture to
If you follow my blog regularly you know that I love awesome skincare products and even better, I love awesome skincare products that smell great.  For summer, I love clean scents and fruity, tropically scents that are reminiscent of a summer getaway. These are some of my favorite skincare products from EdenFantasys that will soothe itchy, uncomfortable skin and keep it from drying out in the potent summer sun. Each one has my mark of approval and is priced affordably – which makes them even more awesome right?

For more info on the products or to purchase, just click the product name to be directed to the product’s profile on EdenFantasys. 

Warning: You may not want to do this at work or in front of the kids, because they also have a large selection on adult products and sex toys on the site.

Simply Sensual! This body butter works wonders for dry skin and for nourishing the soul. The soft ginger-pomegranate scent is delightful and just a little bit lingers throughout the day. It’s also contains natural pheromones which can enhance the mood and add a little excitement to your day as well. It doesn’t compete with other fragrances and body sprays, and contains lots of moisturizing ingredients which will rid you of dry summer skin in minutes. Plus, this formula is designed to tone your skin and keep it looking smooth. Yes, please…and thank you! $13

More soul-soothing here! These luxurious dead-sea bath salts are perfect after a long summer day, whether you are coming from work, a day out with the kids, or even a long day at the beach. Just add a little bit to your bath water and voila! With more than ten intoxicating scents, there is definitely a bath salt scent for everyone. Choose from yummy pineapple-tangerine, mandarin mango, cucumber melon, peach, green tea, juniper, milk, lavender, pomegranate, man, and even unscented. Sounds yummy, yes? $18

Just a little dab will do ya! This scrub removes dead skin, revealing a healthier, younger complexion in just minutes. Easy to use in the shower, this scrub can be used all over your body to keep it silky-soft or just on rough dry patches like elbows, knees, and heels. The incredible raspberry and vanilla fragrance is soothing to the senses and makes a fantastic scent for summer. Cake Beauty also has incredible moisturizers for extra-dry skin which are also part of the milk made line, which is infused with milk proteins. $32 (this one is a little pricier than the others, but totally worth it!)

Wrap your lips in luxury! This super-yummy, moisturizing strawberry-crème lip balm provides instantaneous lip-love.  It’s made with Shea butter, cocoa butter, and vitamin A to soften and soothe even the driest lips. Just a little bit goes a long way and this lip gloss has the perfect amount of shine to be a go-to summer lip balm. It’s not sticky and won’t dry up half way through your day. Plus, it has an awesome strawberry-crème flavor. Yummy! $10 (again a bit pricey for lip balm, but again very worth it)

Minty-Fresh! (But in a good way) - Made with naturally moisturizing oils, vitamin E and wheat germ this mint-fragranced bath gel is incredibly rejuvenating and awakening, and is the perfect way to get your summer days started. Add this to a loofah in the shower to cleanse tired skin or add a small amount to your warm bath water, relax, and enjoy – either way this stuff is sure to take you away from the struggles of your day. $16

Another fabulous bath product from Venus! This body scrub is infused with dead-sea minerals and pumice to remove dead skin and leave skin silky soft and smelling great. It’s perfect for daily use as its exfoliating properties are gentle and natural. And, just like the aromatic bath salts, this body scrub comes in a variety of scents for every preference; pomegranate, pineapple-tangerine, peach, mandarin mango, lavender, cucumber melon, juniper, man, milk and unscented too. Again, really yummy! $15

Disclosure: I do belong to the EdenFantasys affiliate program and can receive compensation when these products are purchased using my code/links. I'm also an EdenFantasys blogger/ambassador and will receive compensation for this post. Regardless, all opinions in this review are honest and are my own.

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