Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Yoga Dance Fusion Episode 2: Yoga Ballet Cardio Burn Workout

Have any of you guys tried this yet? Oh my goodness…good times. It’s a 12-minute full body fat-burning workout on YouTube which is actually part of a new 5-part series. Each Tuesday, a new workout is put up which features a fusion of dance-inspired cardio exercise and body sculpting yoga moves that build muscle, burn calories, and boost energy – in just 12-minutes!

The instructor is Sydney Benner and she is just a powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm – its super motivating. These workouts totally caught my eye because some days I don’t have time to hit the gym but I would still like to fit some type of workout in. And what I love about these quick videos is that I definitely feel like I’ve done more than a 12 minute workout afterwards, but in a good way. The instructor is so full of energy, it’s more of an uplifting motivating feeling rather than a tired, sore, and can’t move kind of feeling.  I like to do these quick workouts before my morning shower – it’s become a really an awesome way to start the day.

Want to check them out too?

The new episode:

If you want to start back at episode 1:

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