Wednesday, September 2, 2015

CardNinja: The ultimate smartphone accessory

Credit: CardNinja

The CardNinja is an ultra-slim pouch (just 2.5mm) that sticks to the back of your smartphone and can hold credit cards, cash or even a pair of earbuds. It's made from a high-quality Spandex material that keeps contents secure without the worry of losing your stuff, even when it's tipped upside down. It's really the perfect accessory to take on a night out, on a jog, or really anytime you don't want to carry a wallet or a purse.

Gettin' it on

The CardNinja is easy to apply, like a peel-and-stick. It has a high-tech adhesive that gives it super-staying power but it won't damage your phone or phone case if you ever decide to take it off. This groovy gadget will fit on just about any Smartphone case and can be used by anyone, any age.

I think it's love ♥

You guys know that I absolutely love my handbags and accessories but honestly, I don't always want to tote them around. In fact, unless I'm dressed up for an event or a night out on the town, I generally try to make it out the house with as little to carry as humanly possible. That's exactly why the CardNinja is so perfect for me. I keep mine stocked with my ID, 2 credit cards and some cash which is generally all I ever need from my purse anyways. It's absolutely perfect. And since I am all about spreading the love when it comes to cool gadgets, I'm definitely going to be stuffing a few stockings with these this year.

Want one?

CardNinja is available for $9.99 at and comes in several colors including ninja black, steel and gold.

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