Friday, September 11, 2015

Wearable Philanthropy: The Fabric of Humanity

Photo: @PSbeautyqueen
A couple of days ago I received the one of the coolest items ever to review. A T-shirt from The Fabric of Humanity. I know you're probably thinking...uh ya Tif...its just a shirt. But it is SO much more than just a simple T-shirt. It's a statement. It's power. It's hope.This very shirt represents people empowering people and making the world a better place. Exactly my kind of fashion. 

The very special T-shirt I'm speaking of...(in the photo above) comes from The Fabric of Humanity, an organization that not only empowers clothing makers, but their entire communities. In fact, when you purchase these clothes, you are actually helping to fund new community development projects, in the very community in which the item was made.

My special shirt ♥

My T-shirt was made in a low-conflict zone in Tado, Columbia by an amazing group of people; Beatriz, Astrid, Alexander, and Silvia. Each of these people has their own story (you can read on the website), some of them are absolutely heartbreaking. One thing all of these people have in common though, is having the strength to overcome their pain and burdens and do great things for themselves and their communities.

In addition to T-shirts, you can also choose from cardigans, polo shirts, and handbags.You can also vote on which projects are funded, follow along and stay updated with their stories by visiting the 

The right idea ♥

You guys know me. You know how much I love hearing stories of people empowering one another. So this whole entire thing just makes my heart and soul smile. I've worn my shirt a few times now and love the attention that it gets. People always want to know what it says and so having the opportunity to tell them all about the clothing line and cause behind it is awesome. 

The Fabric of Humanity definitely has the right idea. I've always believed that even people in the worst situations can be successful, sometimes all they need is a helping hand to get going. The Fabric of Humanity believes that by relieving those of their concerns of basic needs (like clean water, health and educational resources) they can actually turn those efforts to achieving more goals for their families and communities.

Want your own cool T-shirt?

Right now, Wearable Philanthropy has a Kickstarter campaign going to raise money to help them achieve some financial goals, which allows them to help others achieve their goals and help their communities. Thank you rewards start at just $5, while donations for shirts and handbags start at $99. They are getting really close to their goal so if you can donate and help them out, please do. This is such an incredible opportunity for so many people to have better lives. Plus, you will love the item(s) that you get in return. I promise. I absolutely love my T-shirt and now, I really want the cardigan too. 

Disclosure: Press samples were provided for this review. Opinions are honest and belong to author.

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