Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Advice from an Expert Fashionista: 3 Must-Have Accessories for Winter

In my recent line of questioning for Caprice Willard, Vice President, Regional Planning Manager, Ready-To-Wear, Macy's Southwest, I had to ask a few questions about the hot new fashion trends for winter 2011.

From someone who lives in the fashion world, who better to take advice from. Part of keeping up with the trends requires a good eye for accessories. After all, accessories can really make or break an outfit.
So I asked Caprice, "What are the must-have accessories for winter 2011?"

To which she replied, "Without a doubt, everyone needs a boot, whether over-the-knee, riding, Wellington-style, or motorcycle style. Leggings, tights, and opaque tights are important. And a return to watches, especially statement making watches, large, embellished, chunky, and gilded."

So I went on a mission at Macy's to find some of the hottest accessories in town. And HERE is my list of show-stoppers for winter 2011.

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