Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pack your Loup Summer 2011 Collection and Enjoy your Getaway!

Summer is here to stay, which means the time we have all been waiting for has finally arrived- the chance to embark on endless beach getaways! Designer Danielle Ribner’s love for travel is apparent in her Loup Summer 2011 collection, consisting of compact, wrinkle-free, and sweat resistant garments, easily mixed and matched to create versatile ensembles.
Danielle Ribner offers advice on the most efficient (and fashionable!) way to pack for summer vacations:

1.A short, easy "day to night" dress - I find it simplifies everything when packing. Opt for a dress you can put on for the beach or a daytime stroll, then can throw a jacket over and wear out to dinner.

2.Lightweight solid tees - whether you're going some place rugged or relaxing, basics can always be dressed up with accessories. They take up little room in your bag and offer more coverage when you need a little escape from the sun.

3.High waisted skirts - I love buying local t-shirts when traveling, and I always end up wearing them tucked into my high waisted skirts to make them less "tourist" and more like a fashion statement.

4.Tote bag - I couldn't live without a tote bag on summer vacations. I carry them as a purse and they work for everything from a hike to a night out.

The Summer 2011 collection of lightweight and modern-fitting dresses, adorable tanks and tees, and trendy skirts and pants includes on-trend ruffles, pleats, and bold colors. Danielle says, “Loup garments are first and foremost made to be easy to wear and comfortable all day long. They are inspired by the notion that a girl should be able to throw her on clothes wherever she is, and not have to think about them for the rest of the day, while of course always looking great. The fabrics are always easy to care for and breathable, and the designs come from a place of embracing femininity and being active.”
Retailing for $55.00-$105.00, the Summer 2011 collection is available online at and in athletic wear stores, resorts, pro shops nationwide, and contemporary boutiques.

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