Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tattooed by Inky Body Fragrances

Photo by Tiffany Booth
Being a huge fan of fragrances, I was absolutely thrilled to review the new line of fragrances from Tattooed by Inky. What a fab collection!

Right away, I fell in love with the metal canisters they come in. They are so cool looking. Almost like a little fire extinguisher. And I loved the tattoo designs and bright colors of the bottles- its something that's never really been done in the fragrance world before. Plus, they look fab on display and they make a great gift.
 And, they are only $5.99!

With names like Drako, Monkey Business, A Mi Amor, Sudden Freedom and Koi, these body sprays leave a light fragrance for the skin and a full dose of attitude for the mind.

Tattooed by Inky includes scents for men, women, and even one that is unisex. They are a perfect way to add a light fragrance after a shower or spritz on the body throughout the day for a mid-day pick-me-up.

Fragrances for the ladies

A Mi Amor is a sweet blend of white florals, vanilla and amber. It's a perfect fragrance for the girly-girls and the fashionistas. A Mi Amor body spray comes in a hot pink canister with a tattoo design of a heart wrapped with roses and thorns.

Sudden Freedom is a fresh, feminine blend of aquatic florals, with pink jasmine and warm rosewood. With its purple canister covered in clouds, stars and a fluttering blue bird, it's the perfect fragrance for the free spirited and the dreamers.

Fragrances for the gents

Drako, like a dragon is strong and fiery with a blend of spices, musk, and precious woods. Covered with a tattoo design of a fierce powerful dragon, the cool blue canister and delightfully dangerous fragrance are perfect for the bad boys.

Monkey Business is a bold blend of leather, lavender, pepper, and sandalwood- it's perfect for the lovable bad boy and the easy going guy. Monkey Business body spray comes in a bright green canister featuring an original tattoo design of a top-hatter monkey with a cigar and a sly smile.

Fragrances for Both (Unisex)

Koi is an intricate blend of radiant citrus, ginger, and warm patchouli which makes it perfect for the outgoing guys and the ladies. Koi body spray comes in a bright orange canister with a brightly colored fish tattoo design.

Tattooed by Inky body fragrances are very reasonably priced at $5.99 and can be found at Target stores. For more info on Tattooed by Inky body fragrances, visit


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