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7 Baby Essentials from Erbaviva

Hi beauties (and babies) too!
As most of you know, I'm always happy to give beauty advice to my readers. Whether its skin-related, hair-related, makeup-related or something else, I will always do my best to answer your questions. With winter on it's way, I've had a lot of women asking me what products I recommend for baby's delicate skin. And even though I love some of the popular brands that you'll find at the store, I found something years ago that I love even more - Erbaviva.

If you haven't heard of the brand, Erbaviva is a fab natural, organic, and eco-friendly line of skincare. The line was originally geared towards moms and babies but has recently blossomed into a fabulous skincare line for the whole family.

I found Erbaviva several years ago (almost 9 to be exact) when I was prego with my daughter and have continued to use their products ever since--they are amazing.

My fave products? Yep...All of these :)
This diaper cream is awesome. It has organic echinacea and chamomile to heal and soothe irritated skin. The cream is totally natural and is scented with essential oils, lavender and chamomile. It works really well to reduce redness and inflammation and it's not sticky or gooey at all. Plus, a little goes a long way so it's well worth the $16!

Erbaviva Cradle Cap Oil
This fab oil from Erbaviva is great for soothing the scalp. It is made with organic almond oil, organic safflower oil, organic rosemary extract, vitamin E and essential oils; organic lemon eucalyptus and organic geranium. It easy to use: just massage onto baby's scalp as needed (stay away from baby's soft spot). This oil has a light natural smell that is great for both boy and girl babies. $16
This is where the Erbaviva line started, with the Baby Washbag. These bath sachets for babies are way too cool. They contain no soap and are made from unbleached cotton sachets, filled with organic oatmeal, organic milk powder, organic lavender flowers, and essential oils of lavender and mandarin. It's like the ultimate baby bath and it cleans without drying skin. Plus, it makes the water (and baby) smell fab! $32 for 20 Sachets ($1.60/bath) 

If you prefer to use a baby soap, I definitely recommend this one from Erbaviva. It is non-drying and is formulated to be used on baby's delicate skin. It's made with pure milk, honey and essential lavender oil. This soap is also great for mommies with sensitive skin and it smells incredible too! $12

Just like the other products, Erbaviva's Baby Shampoo is amazing! It cleans hair and scalp by using olive oil, wheat proteins, and Quilaja (tree bark extract). The shampoo lathers up nicely and it's all natural with no soap added. And, it's scented with a blend of chamomile and lavender so it smells yummy! This shampoo is great for babies, moms-to-be and the whole family. $17 

 This balm is a must have for all moms! Use it on baby, use it on the older kids and use it on you. It's an all organic balm made with essential oils; Eucalyptus, Tea Tree oil, Cypress and Myrrh. Cypress is fab for when you are sick as it has natural healing and antiviral properties. Rub into chest, back and neck. It is totally petroleum free and is certified organic. $14 

 Another mommy must-have! It's basically a giant 100%-organic lip balm. Use it to soften and moisturize baby's lips, protect their delicate cheeks in the cold weather or use it on baby's hands and feet. It has antioxidants from rosemary extract and soothing chamomile. Plus, it smells and tastes great and the large size makes it super easy to apply. This is definitely the most-loved Erbaviva product in my house. I like to use this on my lips before I go to bed. It's lip an overnight lip treatment. Both of my kids use the balm too, and they are far from babies. $10

Erbaviva also has some other fab products like Baby Cream, Organic Baby Oil, Children's Sunscreen, Bath oils and fabulous gift sets. For the largest selection of Erbaviva products, shop for Erbaviva Skincare products at Apothica!

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  1. I love all organic baby products and think they are truly the best. A baby has such delicate skin and no harsh chemicals should be used. Thank you for visiting us from MBC. We love your page also and have become your friend. Have a great day,


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