Monday, April 15, 2013

Blogger Opp: Awesome Cash Giveaway + Free Sign Up!

Here is a great opportunity for bloggers that are looking to increase their following. Natasha from Serenity You is getting close to 1,000 followers on Pinterest. And in celebration of this awesome occasion, she is giving away some cold, hard CASH!

She needs bloggers to help her out! If you’re interested (don’t forget this helps out your following too), all you need to do is fillout this form and complete the following:

Create a post on your blog and share this giveaway with your followers and fellow bloggers. 
Get the html code HERE.

Share your post on Twitter and include @SerenityYou

Pin your post on Pinterest

What you get:
Your Pinterest link added to the giveaway Rafflecopter for FREE!

You have the option to add:
1 more link for $2, 2 more links for $3, and 3 extra links for $4

You can also co-host (this event on your blog) if you’d like for $8

What you get:
Your button on the main giveaway page
PLUS, 3 free links and a link to your Pinterest account
And, you’ll be included in SerenityYou’s social media shout outs

If you are buying extra links or want to be a co-host, send payments via Paypal to For more info on the event, get in touch with Natasha at

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