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Scunci Curly Twister faux hair accessory | Review & Giveaway

Have you ever wished you had thicker hair or even just enough hair to make your ponytail look decently full? I know I have. So, when I saw these new faux hair additions from scunci, I had to have them ♥

Scunci's new collection of faux hair pieces includes everything from faux bangs to entire ponytails. They come in a variety of natural-looking hair colors from blonde to brunette so it is easy to find one that matches your current color or if you are going for a funkier look, you can choose one that contrasts you current hair color.

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I decided on what is called a "Curly Twister" - just like the one shown above.  It is basically a scrunchy-like hair band for a bun or ponytail (if your hair is on the shorter side). The cool part about it, is that it is covered in faux hair that is a few inches long, so when you add it to your bun or ponytail it makes you look like you have twice as much hair. 

The faux hair on the Curly Twister, looks like shiny healthy hair and even has a little bit of a curl to the ends for added style. It also has a few little random braids which makes it look like you spent some time on your hair. And, little does everyone else know, it is seriously the easiest way to do your hair ever. It's actually easier than a good ol' ponytail because you don't have to worry about the hair being perfectly placed in the rubber band. The faux hair from the Curly Twister covers it all up for you. It's really awesome! 

When I first saw these I was a little reluctant to get one because of two reasons. I was worried about the hair looking cheap and plastic-y (you know like Barbie's) and also about finding the right shade for my hair. My hair is naturally very dark brown but is dyed a lighter brown with about four other accent colors. And since my color has color has slightly grown out, I think that puts me at like a six-color craze. I actually chose the brunette Curly Twister and it worked out perfectly in my crazy-colored hair. It actually tied all of the colors together and made my hair look really cool color-wise. And, it made my hair look so much thicker- which for me is the absolute best part. After using it a few times now, I think this is now my favorite hair accessory.

How I use mine:

My natural hair is about mid-length (middle of my back or so), so I think it is a bit too long to put it in a regular ponytail with this faux hair piece. So, I like to do my hair about the same as a ponytail, just without pulling the "ponytail" all the way through the rubber band  on the last wrap around - so it kinda makes a loop. Then I make sure that my hair is all pinned and sprayed down the way I like it. And then, I add the Curly Twister and voila- its totally gorgeous in seconds!

Buy It 

The Curly Twister is available for about $7 at Walgreens. For more info on all of their new faux hair accessories, visit

Win It 

One lucky winner will be randomly chosen to receive their very own Curly Twister. Enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter form below. You can complete as many entries as you wish but keep in mind the more tasks you complete, the better your chances are of winning the giveaway. All entries will be verified before a winner is chosen and incomplete entries will be deleted. Good luck ladies!

Disclosure: I was not compensated to post this review or to host this giveaway. I did receive the Curly Twister (as mentioned above) free of charge to facilitate my review. I was not given the product in exchange for a positive post, or any post at all. All opinions in this post are honest are are my own.


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