Thursday, October 29, 2015

Create the perfect Halloween selfies using You Cam Makeup

Ever take an awesome selfie but wish you could tweak a few things? Maybe hide some blemishes, even out your skin tone, or maybe even add a filter that doesn't make your entire picture look weird. How about adding some flesh wounds and scars to your selfies for Halloween? Well beautiful ladies, now there is an app for all of that! It's called You Cam and its definitely one of my new favorite makeup apps to play with.

If you guys follow my social media sites you know, I love taking selfies...lots and lots of makeup selfies. I know selfies have become kind of cliché but to be completely honest, there isn't always someone around, you when my makeup is on point. So...selfies it is.

You can download the You Cam app for free and it's super-easy to use. You basically just snap a selfie in the app or you can choose a photo from the gallery in your phone. Then, you can edit the photo by choosing Natural Makeup or Costume Makeup. Right now, there is also a Halloween fashion theme too.

The Halloween fashion feature allows you to create some pretty freaking awesome photos. You can even add black tears or transform yourself into a zombie doll or a lost soul like these:


Or here are some of the other options for the rest of the year:

The photo on the top left is the original, top right is with "foxy" look, and the photo on the bottom is with the"smokin" look. You can also change just about any feature like eye size, shape and color, hair style and color, and you can even add accessories. I'm telling you, once you get started it is so addicting. I just want to edit all of the pictures in my gallery now.

Want to be featured on our Facebook page?

Go get the app. Create a pic. Then, email it to superpeachie @ with a subject line "You Cam" pic. Be sure to include the FB name and Twitter handle so I can tag you. I will be posting the You Cam pics that you guys create throughout the month of November. Have fun beauties

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