Sunday, October 4, 2015

Expert Advice: Trendy hair styles for fall and winter

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One of the really awesome things about being a blogger is being able to chat with beauty experts. Like, I'm pretty sure that is one of the absolute best parts. Just recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Samera, Master Stylist and co-owner of Samitra Salon in San Fransisco, about which hairstyles are going to be trendy this fall and winter. And here my friends, is what she had to say. 

The Deep Side Part

The deep side part has really come back…whether you're wearing your hair short or long, creating the side part brings out a nice elegance to your look. I would recommend having the arch of  your eyebrow be the center point in deciding how far to go. 
The French Bun

The look of the classic french bun is huge right now. Today, the look is looser and a little laid back.  You can do a side back braid and bring the end of the braid and twist up making a tight U pinning against the back of the hair. You have the look of a loose twisted up braid. You can twist up into a loose bun with a nice statement pin. Or do a tight pony with part of the hair in the bun and the longer pieces outside the bun.
Beautiful Bohemian Waves

Of course the one trend that I have noticed which has yet to go out of style are bohemian waves. So simple and appropriate to sport at any function. Best way to achieve the waves is by simply braiding damp hair and air drying it. Once your hair is dry, untie your braids and you'll have gorgeous beach waves. 

And there you have it ladies, hair trend advice right from the experts. Also, I really would just like to say I love Bohemian waves. They look great on just about everyone. If you have questions or need help with these styles, just ask in the comment section. We're happy to help! Happy styling beauties ♥ 

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