Thursday, October 1, 2015

Play Again Now Recovery Gel: Workout harder, feel better faster

As an avid runner and all around fitness junkie, I love products that help keep my body moving freely and help me recover faster after strenuous workout sessions. My newest obsession is Play Again Now. This stuff is seriously amazing ♥ 

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Play Again Now recovery gel is a oral liquid form of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced in the fluid that protects the body's muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues. It works as a lubricant and shock absorber for the body and with an extra boost from Play Again Now it can also help provide increased flexibility.

All the feels...

I personally feel like looking good and feeling good go hand-in-hand. I mean when you  look good, you feel good about yourself and when you feel good about yourself you walk around with a boosted confidence, which I've been told is the sexiest thing a woman can wear.

With that said, I must confess I'm a huge fitness junkie. I'm all about getting in a good exercise daily, not only to keep me looking great but feeling great as well. Some of my favorite fitness activities include yoga, pole dancing, weight training and I'm an avid runner. Running for me is the greatest stress relief on the planet and I am always looking for ways to recover faster and get more from each run.

Who can use Play Again Now?

Play Again Now can be used by athletes at just about any age or fitness level.

My thoughts...

After many years of thinking that I didn't any supplements, I have recently discovered that I most definitely do. After seeing how much better I can train and how much faster I can recover with supplements, I'm definitely open to trying new products. When I was offered the chance to try this one out, I had to jump on it and boy, am I glad I did. 

I've been using Play Again Now for 12 days and I am definitely starting to notice changes. I've noticed that my muscles don't feel as sore and stiff after workouts and I'm beginning to notice that I don't wake up nearly as sore as I usually do after those crazy workouts. I really love how easy the product is to use and how you only need a little bit of the product to do the job. Plus, it tastes pretty darn good too. It's a yummy fruity taste and the gel is similar to the consistency of a thick cough syrup.

I'm excited to see the continued changes in my joints and increased flexibility with continued use. I will definitely keep you guys posted on my future results. And, please feel free to ask any questions you guys have about it in the comments section - I'm happy to help!

You've gotta get some ♥

Stop by to get yours. 

Disclosure: Press samples were received for this review. All opinions in this post are honest and belong to the author.

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