Wednesday, January 11, 2017

R.O.C. Daily Resurfacing Disks (Product Review)

So, I told you guys about my little skincare affair with my new R.O.C skincare products from Walgreens and all about my love-kinda-don't-love relationship with the Deep Wrinkle Serum. I do however absolutely love the R.O.C. Daily Resurfacing Disks. They are simply, fabulous. 

The Disk

These awesome little facial cleansing disks are self-foaming (so they already have skin conditioning cleansers inside the disk) and feature a smooth-side (for delicate areas around the eyes) and a textured-side for areas that need a little more exfoliation. This fantastic formula whisks away dirt, oil, and impurities that make skin look old and dull. They are powerful little face scrubbies, but they are still gentle enough for every day use.

Like all of the R.O. C. skincare products that I have tried, these Daily Resurfacing Disks also produce a slight tingle when rubbed on the skin but it is not bothersome. These disks also have a nice clean scent and are soap-free, oil-free, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic.

The Results

I have been using the R.O.C. Daily Resurfacing Disks for about two months now, and I love them. I like to use these in the morning (I use a different cleanser at night). They really brighten up my skin and make it feel fresh and clean. 

Get It

R.O.C. Daily Resurfacing Disks come in containers of 28 for only $10.99 at Walgreens and

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