Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Advice from an Expert Fashionista: Winter Fashions that Are Here to Stay

Well at least through spring and summer of 2011.

With the ever changing world of fashion and the new trends each season, keeping up can be quite a chore.

And recently, I had the honor to ask Caprice Willard, Vice President, Regional Planning Manager, Ready-To-Wear, Macy's Southwest, a few questions about the hot new fashion trends for the upcoming winter season. When we are buying fashions for the new trends or upcoming seasons, of course we hope to purchase items that will stick around for awhile so we can get the most of our money. Unfortunately that is not always the case. So when I had the chance to ask Caprice some questions, that was definitely one on my list.

So which winter trends will continue to be popular through spring and summer?
According to Caprice Willard, "Definitely lace trims as well as lace skirts and tops. And an abundance of dresses."

So I went on a mission at Macy's to find some of the hottest winter trends that will last all the way through spring and summer. And THIS is what I came up with.

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