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Must-have Makeup Brushes: Better Coverage, Flawless Finish

Makeup application is an art, and just as a painter requires certain tools to paint a canvas, a true artist of makeup requires certain tools to enhance the application process on the face. For this task though, not just any brushes will do.

Purchasing professional quality brushes will not only save you money in the long run, but will provide you with the proper tools to create a professional quality look at home. And for those of you who cringe at the thought of applying makeup, may just learn to love it after seeing some of the fantastic looks you can create just having a good set of brushes. Makeup brushes can give you a better coverage with an absolutely flawless finish. It can also make the application process go a little smoother—something professional makeup artists have known for many years.

Some of the must-have makeup brushes for your makeup bag include:

Large domed brush for face and body

Look for a large dome-shaped brush with super-soft bristles. A domed brush is your best-bet for applying and blending powders and bronzers. A good quality domed brush can also be used for building makeup when a fuller-coverage is desired. These brushes can be great for applying shimmering powders to the chest and shoulders as well.

Angle brushes for eyes

Angle brushes are a must-have when applying and blending cream or powder eyeliners and shadows. Use your angle brush to create a soft sensual look or a dramatic smoky eye—either way this one is definitely a must.

Tapered brush for applying foundations and concealers

Tapered brushes are definitely must haves for those who desire a full coverage face, and for "makeup building". Use them to achieve even application and brilliant effects on the face.

Angled brush for cheeks

A large angle brush with super-soft bristles is the perfect tool for creating a dewy sun-kissed look on the cheeks. Use your angle brush to apply your favorite blush or bronzer.

Blunt ended contour brush

The blunt-ended contour brush should be used to "stipple" the final color on the cheeks. Use a contour brush to apply a shimmering blush, bronzer, or highlighting powder on the apple of the cheek only.

Fan Brush

Use a fan brush for applying minimal amounts of cheek color, and to clean up any makeup that might have fallen on your face during the application process. A fan brush also works well for applying highlighting powders for an extra-sexy shimmer.

Pencil brush for liners and shadows

Using a pencil brush to apply a powder or cream eyeliner can make the process a whole lot easier, with much better results than a pencil alone. You can also use your pencil brush to create special effects, smoky eyes, and bold girl-gone-wild designs.

Lip Brush

A lip brush can be your BFF when applying a bold or dark lip color or gloss. Look for one that is easy-to-clean, and retractable to keep the bristles from collecting dirt in between washes.

Where to buy makeup brushes

You can purchase eye makeup brushes at retail locations that sell makeup such as Ulta and Sephora, or even art supply stores offer great deals on makeup brushes. Another great place to try is the makeup counter at your local department store. A lot of times you will find great deals on brush sets, when you are purchasing makeup.

You can find professional quality brushes and sets from:

NARS Cosmetics (sold separately)

Chanel Beauty (sold separately)

Sephora Prestige Brush Set

Bobbi Brown Bobbi's Essentials Basic Brush Collection

Keeping your brushes in tip-top shape

Brushes tend to collect oil and bacteria which can cause acne and blemishes. Build-up on brushes can also ruin the very same fantastic look that you were trying to create in the first place. Wash brushes by adding water and a small amount of a mild soap, such as Ivory or a makeup brush cleaner, and gently swirl around in the palm of your hand until water from brush runs clear. Allow to dry thoroughly before using. Clean your makeup brushes at least every two weeks.

Quality makeup brushes can be a great investment with proper care. And, they can make the application process a whole lot easier with much better results.

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